One part southern girl at heart and one part snow sports industry insider by marriage.

My journey into this world began the first Valentine's day with my future husband, I received fleece, yes, fleece...for VALENTINE'S DAY!  I never ever thought that I would live my current life.  I had a strong dislike for snow and cold.  I DON'T like to be cold.  I thought that no one else did either until I met my husband.  He's made a career in the snow sports industry.  So I learned rather quickly that if we were going to be together, I needed to learn to stay warm.  So every time I received warm clothing as a gift,  I believed it to be an incentive for keeping me. I owned a bar/nightclub and then a gift boutique until we moved to NH for my husband's job and I became a stay-at-home mom or COE, chief of everthing.  Growing up, my family liked to look at the the snow, but we were never outdoor enthusiasts.  My husband's family on the other hand pre-buys ski passes like most families pre-buy oil.  My grandmother-in-law, skied unitl she was 94.  So taking a note from her I needed to learn to enjoy this winter world!  This blog is about my adventures into this world and how I can help you and your family learn to love it and be prepared for it too!


Life's greatest joys

Some of my greatest moments have happened in the winter.  This is my husband and I telling my mother-in-law that we were having a second baby!  I have learned that if your hands and feet are warm and you can see well that you will remember that joy you felt as a kid while sledding down a hill so fast that your stomach is in your throat at the same time your grinning from ear to ear! 

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